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Botox to Smooth Lines in Forehead and Between Brows

Had 3cc's of botox on 8/5 to smooth lines in...

Had 3cc's of botox on 8/5 to smooth lines in forehead and between brows..I noticed this time he injected down into the foreheady vs up as in past..

My eyes are sunk in...gotten smaller,,un even..one brow higher than other and it hurts...feels like i have heavy weight pushing down on my forhead...looks terrible..

He is a very good plastic surgeon..did not have...

He is a very good plastic surgeon..did not have this problem before..Help!
Dr Richard D Amico

Went back today to have him look at it..He is rude, nasty and does not care about the patient..He insulted me ..told me its my problem and nothing he can do..He made a mistake! and walked out in a matter of 10 minutes..

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I am 28 years old, so I do not yet need intensive help! However, I am getting lines on my forehead, and just a dull complexion at times. I've used the Shielo Complexion Moisturizer for a few months now and I feel that my skin is brighter and smoother. It is not upset my skin at all, it feels moisturized every night when I use it. Highly recommended!
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Carol how are your eyes? I have smaller uneven sunken in eyes as well as the wrinkling from brow line injections. No improvement in the eyes in over 5 months.
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Hi Carol Ann - I cannot believe he was so rude. It's unbelievable!!! PLEASE REPORT YOUR ADVERSE EVENT WITH BOTOX (AND ANY SIDE EFFECTS YOU ARE EXPERIENCING) TO THE FDA. The link for online reporting to the FDA is: https://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/medwatch/medwatch-online.htm You can remain anonymous. It is only through vigilant reporting that the true results of Botox will ever be documented, assessed and reported accurately. An 'adverse event' includes a bad cosmetic outcome, even if it is due to poor injecting technique. Most people do not bother to report bad cosmetic outcomes and this allows doctors to contine to claim how safe and effective Botox is unchallenged. Even if the product itself is 'safe', maybe there should be more restrictions on who is allowed to inject it. I think there should. Waiting for months and months for a bad cosmetic effect from Botox to wear off is definitely an adverse event that affects your life and should be reported. I will email you directly and look forward to us healing together! Thanks
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Thanks. I have asked for my money back. Email me directly. Thanks
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I went back to him today..he was rude..cold and insulted me...Said he put too much botox in forhead and these things happen...I saw a whole new side of him..Really made me cry...I've been going to him for 2 yrs and spent lots of money. He could care less and said thats it.refused to answer questions..telling me how many times do I have to tell you..there is nothing I can do..Live WITH IT! AND WALKED OUT!!! Check him out..he's well known..on Tv..etc. he has a website..He showed me his true colors..mean, rude, insulting and could care less that he made a mistake..Refused to listen to what I had to say... Told me keep trying to raise brows to wear off Botox..so I'm wasting all the money I spent plus need to suffer for months..its painful..as with you. I teach and dread going back to work..KIDS NOTICE EVERYTHING... Its not worth spending tears or energy on such a horrible person..It's about him --not me..I stay away from the negativity..He has issues and my face will eventually be ok..I hope.. God takes care of all.. Feel free to email me directly at Carolgcoach@aol.com We can heal together! Carol

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Same deal here with the forehead - feels like cement and had dropped. Lots of headaches and swollen upper eyelids etc. I got the whole facial drop thing as well. Overly-weakened eye muscles and my facial fat has drooped down my face because my eye muscles are not strong enough to hold it up anymore. Hideous. The small, dark, sunken eyes make me look like a zombie so I totally know how you feel. Further, when I smile I look like a deranged chipmunk because my cheeks all swell out and I have bizarre shelving and divots everywhere. Puffiness and horizontal lines under my eyes too (not there pre-botox). Needless to say that this poor botox chipmunk zombie has little to smile about. I look five years older and very peculiar. I think there is nothing you can do but to wait it out like the rest of us with Botox fiascos. I am coming up for Week 5 this Friday and not much has changed. YUCK. I see it is only a few day later for you so hopefully you see some relief sooner than me. The more I read this forum, the more obvious it is that having many successful botox results with the same provider is absolutely no guarantee that there won't be some disaster at some stage. When botox results look good the 3-4 months just fly by but when the results are terrible (ME!) the days just crawl on and on seemingly indefinitely. My muscles won't even start to move for another few weeks and some days I can barely make myself go to work. My colleagues think I am sick with a mystery virus. No mystery to me - it's a botox blunder virus.
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