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Botox for Eyebrow Lift Before Permanent Makeup

I went for permanent makeup as I have no eyebrows...

I went for permanent makeup as I have no eyebrows and they suggested Botox to do an eyebrow area lift first and also injected my forehead and outer eye area due to crows feet.

Botox caused eyebrow area and eyelid ptosis. They said they can never tell about one's physiology and how the Botox will respond. Dr. tried to correct with further injections, but no luck.

Will the ptosis go completely away so I can move forward with the permanent makeup? Should I ask for a refund?


Absolutely you should ask for a refund! Botox is temporary so it would seem sensible to wait for it to wear off before having the permanent makeup eyebrows. If the area has drooped how will they know where to put your eyebrows until it comes good?
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Not sure if he knew what he was doing

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