Hump Removal and Some Tip Refinement

Hi,my 20 year old son had Rhinoplasty 3 1/2 months...

Hi,my 20 year old son had Rhinoplasty 3 1/2 months ago. Hump removal and some tip refinement was done.

Does look better than it did

Concerned about final result

Revision might be needed? Recommend Revision Specialist in Chicago area?

Cons - too expensive and now might need revision.

At 2 months post-op a small white bump appeared under the skin at the right side tip of his nose. It looks like a little piece of bone trying to poke through. After reading through this forum, I am guessing it is either bossa or tip cartilage. Is there a way to distinguish between the two? Why is it not recommended to trim the bossa? Why would this have occurred? Thank you for your help!

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Well I am updating as requested - but I did not...

Well I am updating as requested - but I did not get any responses to my query. Was it worth it? Yes it is better than it was pre-surgery - but I wish we had it done by a better surgeon. His results are not what was hoped for. Bumps/depressions on side of nose and tip projection seems increased instead of decreased.


Thats high way robbery for a nose job! breast augmentation doesnt even cost that much and its as popular as rhinoplasty. And No i havent had breast augmentation but i have looked into breast reduction (more complicated surgery) and it is not even close to 20,000! you were definetely ripped off and it does not sound good at all if something is sticking through the skin or almost. You should go to your doctor and get a refferal to a specialist. do not touch it yourself you could cause permanent damage.
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Seemed thorough at first, but not informative on what to expect during and after surgery. Also made nose the way he wanted, not what we wanted.

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