Loved my Hour to Me

I had a body wrap done that I did once a week for...

I had a body wrap done that I did once a week for about 8 weeks. I LOVED it. The time to me was great and relaxing. I would nap most of the time for that hour and the smell of the lotion they used was great.

I was also trying to work out more during that time and I was more aware of my diet. I did see a decrease in just about every area though and I felt great!

I also have very dry skin in the winter and the winter I did this my skin felt amazing! Totally worth it for me.

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Where did you get it done

Hello! Is the body wrap $180 per visit?
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I actually got it done through a salon / spa and the woman was sweet, gentle and very friendly which made standing in my bra and panties much easier!

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