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I started on Obaji Nu Derm Products because i had...

I started on Obaji Nu Derm Products because i had very bad acne. It cleared my blemishes and brightened my overall skin tone. I was very satisfied, but my doctor suggested that i get an Obaji Blue Peel. Big Mistake! It left my face with a blue tint for 2weeks, and after the blue color rinsed off i had to wait another 3 weeks for random marks to disappear. After all was said and done, my skin color was very uneven. My forehead had bad hypigmentation.

I am African American female. I used a trusted plastic surgeon to give me an Obaji Blue Peel. It discolored my skin(hyperpigmentation). I really want to get my skin fixed, but i am afraid to get another peel, for fear my skin color might get worse. Is there another alternative for correcting my color?

Montclair Plastic Surgeon

He is a great doctor but he doesn't have much experience working with African American skin tones.

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I am sorry to hear about your post peel hyper
-pigmentation. Unfortunately, this overstimulation in skin of color is quite common. I would like to offer you a free consultation for a topical treatment I have created for all skin types. I does require a lifelong treatment plan but the results are amazing. I would like to help you as we have been able to help many people with this problem. After such trauma as this peel, the pigment will come roaring back if the melanin system is not turned off. Since the peel overstimulates as well as lasers on skin of color, even the patient in which the blue peel is effective generally revert to the pigmentation problem again. If it helps, you are not alone.
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as an african american i must say that i had nothing but postive results from the objai blue peel i have had 3 the first peel was very painful but so worth it! i always have a3 layer peel and i can't wait for the 4th peel i also used the same dr as you>
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How is your skin now? I was considering him but I wanted to know what was your final results?
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