Blister on my Cheek from Photofacial

I did my first photofacial with my dermatologist...

I did my first photofacial with my dermatologist in Dallas, Tx. Actually it went great except I had one area on my cheek develop a hugh blister. It filled with a lot of fluid. The blister was the size of at least a half dollar coin.

Next morning I called, and she put me on bactroban ointment, keeping covered with saran wrap to prevent infection.

Just how long should this area take to heal? It's really large and red. Will it scar?


Hi- I did a photofacial two years ago, well , two actually. I had great results on forhead, around the mouth, but like you, developed huge blisters that became pus filled on both cheeks. I was really worried, but went on antibiotics and painkiller and covered the areas with zinc paste. They resolved , without scarring or pigmentation, and the end result was beautiful. I think I was lucky though. I did mine without numbing creme. If you can take the pain, it is best to do that. In my case the setting was medium, but since the pain on the cheeks was unbearable for me, they only did two passes as opposed to 3 or 4. I think that saved me. If the pain is excruciating, always have them stop. immediately.
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