Bleeding Post-rhinoplasty

Great results. Exceptional doctor. Would...

Great results. Exceptional doctor. Would recommend to all. Like what I see in the mirror.

Tip revision. Did not like bulbous nose. Wanted to get fixed for years.


Hi Les, Have your surgeon evaluate your nose. Good luck. Dr. P

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Bleeding after rhinoplasty at six weeks can be from dryness leading to a scab on the nasal septum. When the scab came off it opened up a blood vessel underneath. Bleeding itself is not dangerous if you are not taking any aspirin or motrin related products, plavix or coumadin. Also need to make sure your blood pressure is not high or you don't have low platelets etc. So get yourself checked for the above, start over the counter saline spray several times a day, do not blow your nose very hard. Carry a cell phone, so in case of a severe nose bleed you can call 911. Regards

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 Did not like bulbous nose.  Very happy...

 Did not like bulbous nose.  Very happy with results.  Feel much more confident when I smile.  I like what I see in the mirror now.

My nose started bleeding exactly six weeks after rhinoplasty. This hadn't happened previously. I didn't hit my nose hard or cause any significant trauma to it. What could cause this bleeding, and should I be concerned? -- Updated on Sep 17, 2009: I had rhinoplasty about two months ago. I broke my nose a few years ago and had a small bump on the side of my nose as a result. My doctor shaved it down during my surgery. It was completely gone and smooth until week six. That's when the bump started to return. It is not as bad as it was before the surgery, however, it is definitely back. What could this be, and will it go away? What could cause a bump to return? Is there anything I can do now?


I have 4 cases of post op bleeding in 10/8/15/11 days in my patients.3 of them have large hump and the other op was only tipplasty+septoplasty.3 of them treated by anterior packing+splint and for packing+splint lasting 7 days.
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