Breast Implants - A to C, Under the Muscle Via an Incision Under the Breast Crease

I had breast implants placed under the muscle via...

I had breast implants placed under the muscle via an incision under the breast crease. I went from an A to a C.

I wanted breast implants because I have always been flat chested. Its great to finally have breasts but Im stil very unhappy with the result.

Its been 5 weeks now but my incsion marks are still visible and my nipples are too low. What can be done to correct this and will I have to pay the surgeon again?
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Hello Your scars will gradually improve with time. It takes one year for scars to fade. as for uneven nipples I need to see pictures to advise
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Yes I would agree that there is a significant problem. Now at 4 months massage will not correct this. It appears the right implant is riding too low, with the left marginally too high. Appropriate correction will require modification of both breasts. I would discuss this with your surgeon and attempt to find a middle ground.
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