Bimatoprost (Same As Latisse) in One Week

Info: Male, 29, Europe. Total time of...

Info: Male, 29, Europe.

Total time of treatment: 1 week

I ordered 5 bottles of bimatoprost in an extremely low price. It costed about as 2-2.5 bottle of lattise. I'm using it now for 1 week and I can see I see a BIG difference. In the lower eyelid i had tiny eyelashes and now they are much bigger. And I'm in the 1st week !!!!! AMAZING.

I prefer bimatoprost over latisse (although they are the same thing) because it comes with a fine-art application that you can use to gently apply ONLY in the eyeline without touching the rest eyelid. Don't forget that these medicines darken the color of the eyelids and you have to bound as possible. Latisse comes with a big brush (applicator) that won't help you. I'll keep you updated.


yes it works for me too :) i love it im a male and people keep saying: wow very nice eyelashes!
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I also found it , 4rx thats all I can say Got multiple bottles and it works ;-)
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it is exactly 100% the same formula. Please read what doctors say about it here in RealSelf before posting such comments ;)
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