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Great Results So Far on my Cheeks and Under Eyes (Age 52)

I just had my second pixel treatment on my cheeks...

I just had my second pixel treatment on my cheeks and under my eyes. I am 52 and was beginning to get a crepy look on my cheekbones and around the eyes.

I loved the results after the first treatment. The skin was glowing after a few weeks. I can't wait to see how good it will look after this second treatment. I do not think I will need another one. I am looking forward to the collagen rebuilding and thickening up the skin which I understand usually takes a few months.


I had my first one done Monday afternoon. This is Thursday and I still have some "screen door" effect. HOWEVER, I was swollen and red for ONE DAY. I can already see my skin popping out looking better than it has in many, many years. Especially under my eyes where it was done a litle more aggressively. I'm thinking that I will do this on a regular basis, as long as this is available and until something better comes along. I really, really, really don't ever want a facelift. My mom had one years ago by the best doctor around, and years later, you could see her wrinkling in an odd pattern, due to that facelift. If I have to have some kind of laser thing done every year for the rest of my life, that's much better than having horizontal wrinkles on my face from face lifts.
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Dr. Lyn Derouen, Skin Care Laser Center, Biloxi, MS

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