Best Thing I Ever Did (Olive Skin Tone - Legs, Bikini, Underarms)

I had 5 treatments of my full legs 10 years ago...

I had 5 treatments of my full legs 10 years ago and my legs are still as smooth as can be. I am Italian decent with light olive skin tone and the hair on my legs was very dark, coarse and thick. I had to shave everyday and I would have embarrassing knees felt like sandpaper. Now, I shave about once a month. I may have a dozen hairs here and there. It really worked well for me.

I did 3 treatments on my underarms. Still have a little hair there. I did 5 treatments in the bikini area. It worked on top, but not so well on the darker skin on the inside of my legs. In fact the skin seems darker now from the laser.

Huntington Beach Dermatologist

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this is where I went {edited} The laser was done by a woman trained in that. Its been 10 years and this ws a new thing back then so I didn't ask what kind of laser. I did go at regular intervals, not sure if it was 6 or 8 weeks. Maybe you can connect them and ask what they were using in 1999. In case the link didn't come through its {edited}

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What kind of lasers did they use for your legs, and for your underarms, and for your bikini? Alexandrite, diode or Nd:YAG? Do you remember the type of laser machine they used? What was the name of the spa or medical office? How often did you go (every 6 weeks, every 8 weeks, etc?) Did you go at regular intervals, or space them out more widely as the treatments progressed? Please let me know, thanks!
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