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Belly Swollen After Tummy Tuck Infection

I had a tummy tuck that got infected. The doctor...

I had a tummy tuck that got infected. The doctor had to cut a 1.5 in. equilateral triangle into my belly to drain the puss. I had to pack the wound for four weeks.

As the hole closed my tummy began to swell. It's fully closed now and I have a rock hard beer belly from below my bra to my pubic bone. I didn't need lipo and I weighed 106 before and after the surgery. I have to suck my stomach in hard to have a flat tummy.

I found the surgery to be nearly pain free, but I got infected. I had a hole cut in my belly to drain the puss. As the wound healed I became more swollen. Two months out and I have to hold my stomach in tight to look flat. Bad result!

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Should I have revision surgery and select another...

Should I have revision surgery and select another surgeon?


Hi 1lindav I to had a wound that i had to pack from not enough blood flow. My doctor was also in atlanta. I wonder if we had the same one by any chance. my dr. last name started with a d how about yours.?
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Could you tell me who your Dr. was? I'm in the process of selecting one. Thanks!
Plastic Surgery is both an art as well as a science...unfortunately, science sometimes prevails and complications occur. Infections, although rare, can occur for many reasons; when tey do occur it is paramount to control them before they progress and antibiotics alone sometimes are not enough, and open drainage is necessary. Inflammation and recovery can be prolonged...visit your surgeon often to have him/her reassess your healing. Time is your best friend, but massage and scar manipulation/management techniques are very helpful in minimizing swelling. This may help with the "fullness". I hope this helps and hang in there! Dr. C
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I don't think my doctor pulled me tight enough and I don't think he was careful in the operating room, as I had an area that wouldn't close that became very infected. He had to carve a hole in my belly to drain it.

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