Beautiful Breast Implants - I'm So Happy Now

It's hard to put into words how I feel today as...

It's hard to put into words how I feel today as opposed to, say, a year ago. Last October I had a epiphany and in an instant decided to get breast implants. I swore I'd never say this, but I wish I could have done it years ago. If you are considering it - do not hesitate!

The key to my present happiness is having chosen the right doctor. My doctor and his staff were like angels sent to bless me! I say this because the entire experience could not have been more perfect. It was divine. From my very first phone call to having my "after" pictures taken five months later, it's all like a really good dream that I can't wake up from!

And seriously, I am so happy now that, whenever I feel bad or stressed or sad, all I have to do is stop and think about my breasts and nothing else matters much anymore. For the first time, my breasts feel and look great. And the procedure it self and afterwords was entirely painless. THAT IS HOW HAPPY I AM.


Hello I am considering Breast Augmentation - I have also been waiting too long and am looking forward to doing it wihtin the next month or two - I am looking for the right MD and think I may have found it. With you help! Would you have any pictures to provide and also would you let me know if you have the silicone or saline and why. Respectfully, Tricia West Islip, NY
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I just red your comment and I was wanting to know who was your doc, I am doing my research about docs, so if you can. Thanks

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Hi Dinah,

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Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

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