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Not Sure of Ipl for Redness

I have redness and tried five ipls. I did not see...

I have redness and tried five ipls. I did not see the results I had hoped for. I have some redness on each side of my cheeks. The redness did not go away where I wanted it to.

I did these in six to eight week intervals. I read where some do this in three week intervals. Maybe that is why. Can you tell me the correct procedure?

i had eight treatments at 6 to 8 wweek intervals. I had heard that they should be 3 week intervals. Which is correct? Some one also said they do a ipl and a weak later do a light peel and then 2 weeks later do another ipl and so on. What is your take on this. Thank you


Mommy dearest NO, DO NOT DO IPL AGAIN! There are suppose to be NO Burns, NO fat loss, NO permanent scaring, NO eye problems, No permanent redness, NO scaring, NO hypopigmentation,NO depression with IPL or Fraxel!! But hundreds are suffering the adverse affects more frequently now because doctors aren't admitting this is possible, and they are treating to aggressively and using higher settings, which are resulting in the burns and other damage. I would not recommend getting anymore!!! There are hundreds of victims on various sites telling their stories of burns, fat loss, vision problems, hypo scaring, etc. I am one of them and I had this done 6 months ago my story is here under IPL-Destroyed-my-face-and-chest. There are serious side effects happening, most irreversible, that doctors, esthetians and the manufactures are NOT telling us about. Please make sure you file a complaint against this person with the State you live in and take pictures weekly to have proof if things get worse. Several us are researching to find an way to get this out to the public. If you are already experiencing any adverse reaction, please cancel future appointments, I don't want you to end up like hundreds of us with permanent damage. Hopefully, you will heal just fine, but for the hundreds of us out there, please heed our warning.
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The ipl may have helped, but it did not take saway...

The ipl may have helped, but it did not take saway the redness on each side. I also had lazer done twice and it improved red blood vesselsl, but it also did not take away the redness on each side.

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