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Bad Botox for Undereye Bags

I constantly looked tired, so my family doctor...

i constantly looked tired, so my family doctor injected botox at my small eye bags to make them less obvious. what turned out was a horrendous nightmare! i now look like a freak when i smile or laugh cos my lower lid wont move, my eyes just concave upwards!

i went to a plastic surgeon who prescibed iopidine. he said it works for the upper lid, and wasnt sure if it'll help the lower, but asked that i try. im so upset, i dont dare to go to work! :(

Why in the world would anyone inject Botox into lower eyelid bags? Clearly, the family doc displayed his complete lack of training in plastic surgery (he has none), and his lack of knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology. The lopidine is helpful for stimulating Mueller's muscle in the upper lid, and it *may* help in the lower lid by stimulating the inferior tarsal muscle, but ultimately the Botox is simply going to have to wear off. Fortunately, it's effect is indeed temporary and eventually the eyelid should be back to normal in about four months (maybe less if it was a tiny dose, or incorrectly reconstituted, or not freshly mixed). Good luck. It will go back to normal. --DCP
Thank you Dr Pearson. In addition to the freak smile, my eyes are now visibly puffy 24/7. Upset that he gave me more than what i bargained for, i went back to him with my grievances. He then prescribed Hirudoid; which didnt seem to help at all. Do you think Im paranoid to feel like the bulge seem to be more obvious after application? I know i've to wait for the botox to wear off, but im feeling very depressed cos i have to meet clients everyday! I shun eye contact and i've become very withdrawn. Is there anything i can do to accelerate the botox to wear off so my eye lids will be back to normal asap? thank you in advance.
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he didnt tell me what to expect and made me look worse than before! i now look 20 years older!

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