5"2 N 108lb - Was an A Cup, Got 430cc Silicones, Under Muscle

I did it so I could fill my clothes out more n...

I did it so I could fill my clothes out more n doesn't look much different at all:( Also after 3 children they were not the same anymore.

I'm 5"2 n 108lb, I got BA a wk ago n wondering wat cup size I may be...I was an A cup n got 430cc silicones, under the muscle...I feel quite depressed at the moment as I feel like I've wasted my money...when I have clothes on I can't tell much different from before my BA n alot of ppl have said they can't tell...will they get bigger as they drop n settle? Don't know wat to do, spent alot of money n feeling really down:(


It is very important to communicate with your surgeon regarding the size of implant you desire. It is also important to take in consideration your body measurements and the breast measurements to choose the right size implant for you. If you also want a tummy tuck you can have the breast revised and the tummy tuck at the same time. Some times the decrease in the abdomen and waist will give you a more enhanced look to your breast and body image.
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My PS did tell me that if I decided to get a tummy tuck that my breasts would look slightly bigger as my waist would be smaller, so maybe I should just see how that goes first. Thank you for your time, much appreciated!
I had ba done in nov. I am 5'4 and weigh 120. I was a 34b and now I think I am a 34c or maybe a 34 small d. I wanted to be at least a double d. I had 425ccs. Im going back in March for a revision and maybe going with 550ccs. My doctor said in revisions to go at least 100ccs more to even notice a difference. But yours should be at least a c if not a d cup. Give it just a few more weeks and if they dont look the way you want them to then talk to your doctor.
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Did a good job n all but not wat I expected of my outcome.

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