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Can One Treatment Be Enough?

My doctor/aesthetician did not tell me that a...

My doctor/aesthetician did not tell me that a series was required to have the pigmentation which now is on my face after one treatment come to surface. i hope this is the case because I did not like the prodedure and at present I am not liking the results.

I had a photo facial only yesterday and I do not intend to have another. However, my main concern is that I now have a lot of pigmentation darkening on my face and spots where I never had a problem. Will these slough off or will I be told that I need a series of treatments which I don't really have the ability to afford?
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Eileen, My brother had series of IPL and he raves about it but I've never seen is he is in CA. However, I think much of these problems is from lack of communication and expectations. Maybe there are different frequencies? I see a great improvement in my hands; however, it takes a week for the stuff to flake off. I wouldn't be telling the first woman to see a lawyer yet but I think the docs need to be clearer about what results we should expect.
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I had IPL on my hands on Dec 11 and I'm sure what you are experiencing is the same and they should have told you that the darker spots might turn darker before they slough off. I had a lot of brown sun damage on my hands and they look a lot better but it was expensive $500 and now I see another doc does it for $150 but says you need 3 treatments so I don't know why there is a difference but I'm going for a follow-up with first on Wed because for his price, I shouldn't have ANY little faded brown spots still there.
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If you have pigmentation or dark spots following treatment, I'd recommend calling a lawyer. That is not a desirable outcome, it's more like a side effect and permanent. I would go see a qualified doctor immediately and see what they can do to fix the damage.
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I had my first treatment today to get rid of sun spots on my face and also had no intention of doing more than 1 session. My aesthetician was somewhat vague about having to come in for more sessions. She said that in the next few days my sun spots would get darker and then would scab and then fall off, leaving my skin completely clear or the darker spots 80% lighter. She said that if I was satisfied with the results, I wouldn't have to come back but that I would be so impressed with the results I'd want to come back for more sessions which to me was somewhat unclear (why would I want to get more work done if I was 100% satisfied?). Hope this helps.
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Hi- I would really like to know how your treatment worked for you. I like you would like to pay for one session. So are you happy with the results and was it worth the money? Thanks, Michele

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