Puckering in the Incision of Upper Asian Blepharoplasty

Overall, I am happy with my Asian upper bleph. I...

Overall, I am happy with my Asian upper bleph. I wanted double eyelids to make my eyes look bigger and maybe counteract some early sagging i've noticed.

I am one week postoperative. I know it's super early but one of my incisions has a small puckered spot and next to this is a very small bump. i can feel it more than see it but it's causing a very slight gathering in the crease when i look straight ahead. my other crease is perfectly smooth.

Should this resolve with time? is there anything i can do to improve this during healing?

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i just want to say that i'm experiencing this too. there is a hard knot/lump in the inner corner of my eye. there is also "puckered" or an area above my inner corner crease that has gathered. it is affecting the way my eye opens because the extra puckering is making my crease bigger on the inside causing my eye to look droopy. however this eye muscle also feels weak so i hope i don't need ptosis correction. thank you for asking this question. i hope the bump disappears and the puckering goes away :)
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can you recommend your doctor? and can i see before and after pictures? The websites seem to have the same eye pictures of before and after results. thanks
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