Treatment for Old Scars from Double Eyelid Surgery

Pros: It dramatically changed my appearance. Cons:...

Pros: It dramatically changed my appearance.

Cons: It left a very visible scar on the inner corners of my eyes. Also, I wished my eyes would open bigger, enough to see all the black part (pupil?)of my eyes. I did it because I disliked my small eyes, and applying makeup was very difficult.

Hi, I had Asian blepharoplasty and canthoplasty 2 years ago. I am concerned about my very visible scars (indentation and slight redness)on the inner corners of eyes from canthoplasty. Is there any treatment for this? I am also considering going to remove fat (skin?) from my upper lid, since it feels so heavy. I would want my eyes to open up more. Thanks for the help.
hello Asian eye lid surgery is highly specialized.Before you consider revision or another surgery call Dr. Flowers in Hawai.
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I had a 8 hour wait for this surgery (even though I had a appointment.)

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