Possible Revision of Eyelid Surgery for the 4th Time?

I had my eyelid surgery in China and already had...

I had my eyelid surgery in China and already had two corrective surgeries after the first operation. The last revision was to fix the scar problem and make my eye open wider.

My eyes do look prettier, but afte that i can not close my lefe eye properly at night. My left eye would open frequently when i sleep. I consulted another Chinese doctor, and he said this is due to excess removal of muscle in the upper corner of my left eyelid and may also be due to the scar.

I very depressed because of this and now having dry eye problem. It's been two years since the last operation and I wonder if I can have another operation to correct this problem.

Hi Yanzi. Just wanted to see what you ended up doing? I'm considering a third operation but sort of hesitant. I sent you a PM with more info.

Yes , I'm sorry to hear that it could happen everyone who wanted to do that operation .
I feel for you.
I hope you fell better .
I was really surprised about negative results .
It seems always it looks better at before and after photos ...

yeah you can have it the 4th time just go to a very experienced eyelid surgeon who's done it before.
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