Asian Eyelid Surgery

I had asian eyelid surgery to get better looking...

I had asian eyelid surgery to get better looking asian eyes. I had double eyelids before, but i wanted them slightly enlarged. I would not do it again because it did not enahnce my appearance and I am left with flat white scars.

I heard that excimer and fraxel laser treatments may work for flat white surgical scars. I cannot seem to find doctors in Los Angeles to treat with the excimer laser for surgical scars. How can I find good doctors for this?


Beverly Hills is a great place to go to to get your boobs done, but Seoul is the place to go if you want eyelids done.
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Can u provide the name, initials even, of the doctor who did your procedure. Just wanted to make sure I don't go to the same doctor. I'm considering having surgery soon.
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try using concealer.... i think there is tattoo artists that can do skin tone tattoos on scar's too, those types that also do eyebrow tattoos.
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Name not provided

The doctor was rushed and I did not have even results with both eyes (they were even before) and I am left with scars

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