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Artecoll Problems in Lower Eyelid Area

I was hoping to improve my tired looking eyes. I...

I was hoping to improve my tired looking eyes. I felt I need some "fat" around my eye area especially lower eyelid area. But after the injection, I got bumps under my eyes.

I had artecoll injection at my lower eyelid area in China 2 years ago. There are lumps underneath my eyes now. Is there a safe way to resolve it? I dont really need to remove it. Just want to make my lower eyelid looks flat.(It's puffy now). Is it possible to inject artefill to fill the gaps? I can send you pictures if that'll be better. I'm in LA area. Any recommendations on doctors/plastic surgery places? Thanks so much.


Hi, My only advise for you is not to use artefill/artecoll. I went to a dermatologist to find a solution. This is what he told me, never use permanent fill around eye area. Good luck.
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Dear Iris, Unfortunatley i do not have an answer to your question. The reason i am mailing you is because i too want to get filler treatment due to "tired looking eyes". I started to have this problem about three years ago and have since wanted to do something about it. i just surfed google to check out solutions and your question came up which has concerned me a little. I also need fat enhancement around my eyes and its starting to seem unsafe. Were the results good when you first had it done and when you say you have lumps around your eyes are they very noticable? Do you have any advice for me regarding this procedure, for instance would you reccomend i not do it now? And i don't want to sound intrusive or anything but can you send me the pictures of the before and after results? I wouldn't have asked but you offered in your question.
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