Brachioplasty - Long Lasting Discomfort Four Years Post-op

I have had lasting discomfort/sensitivity ...

I have had lasting discomfort/sensitivity particularly in my upper right arm and this still continues four years after the operation. I am one of three sisters and all of us were "blessed" with very large upper arms.

One sister had a brachioplasty with great results and I was expecting the same. No permanent neurological damge has been found.

Am I experiencing a rare complication of brachioplastic surgery? I have a very high pain threshhold but his lasting discomfort is both unexpected and unpleasant.


Hello This pain could be due to a neuroma of a small peripheral nerve.If the area of sensitivity can be pinpointed then you have several options 1: Steroid injections 2: surgery, Dr. Lee Dellon in Baltimore Maryland specialises in the release of trapped peripheral nerves
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Not for this procedure.

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