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Brachioplasty Did Wonders for Self-estreem but Left Bad Scar

I had a brachioplasty a few months ago with an...

I had a brachioplasty a few months ago with an axillary incision only. My brachioplasty has done wonders for my self esteem! I now feel completely comfortable wearing tank tops and sleeveless dresses, the only issue I have is with the way my scar is healing. At least it is in my armpit so no one can see it unless I raise my arms. I would recommend this procedure to anyone concerned with the appearance of their arms!

I now have a hypertrophic, very thick and raised incision. I have had a series of kenelog injections to help the apperance of the scar but so far nothing has helped.

***SOMEONE PLEASE HELP***.. I have never used this site before so I do not know how this works...

I am 16 days post brachioplasty..(under armpit incision not armpit to elbow). I am in pure hell....Incisions are healing well, however, another (random) area where the Dr apparently 'burned' me when pulling out the probe?... well that area has now opened up into a HUGE gaping hole in my underarm. I am now cleansing and packing it with gauze on my own 2xs a day... my actually incisions under my arm look pretty good... but one as of tonight looks a bit *yucky* I just don't think my body is good at 'healing' very well. I have done EVERYTHING the DR said..every last word he said I followed... I am sooo scared and would love if someone can let me know this is normal?? ***OR atleast tell me that the continuous swelling under my arms... coming and going.. will soon go away.. and FOREVER.... ???
Sincerely ~ Scared Shitless.

Hi WIsniew22,

Please don't be scared. Taking control of your body and understanding the situation is the first step. You're doing the right thing by being proactive.

It's hard to tell from what you describe if it's "normal", but I wouldn't say it's ever normal to have a large hole where the incision is. Can you tell if it's infected (red, tight skin?any discharge?).

You may also want to post your question on our Doctor Q&A Forum, where you can get some professional advice from doctors.

Hang in there and please let us know how you're doing.

Hi DreamFlower, that is amazing how long did it Take?
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