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I cleansed my face with baking soda water for...

I cleansed my face with baking soda water for three days then Retin A 0.5% fir two days. There was a lot of peel off.

Now my skin has a dull flat appearance and no natural oils at all. Will this eventually resolve itself or did I damage my oil pores? How can I hasten recovery? This has never happened before. The only thing different was the baking soda cleansing.

I cant imagine stripping your face with baking soda?My Dr never even indicated anything like that and the Vitamin A was harsh at first. I doubt very seriously you damaged your pores and your skin will rebound. I have found Apricot Seed oil to not cause break outs and be very softening to the face. My retin A treatment has been great so far so depending on your age and your dermatologist should stick w/ that and NOT do baking soda any more or you will get a harsher peel Im sure. Good luck prob looks great now!
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This was an at home treatment

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