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Amazing Results with Botox on Forehead Lines

Ok so I'm a 26 year old female, I shouldn't have a...

ok so I'm a 26 year old female, I shouldn't have a line right? or any lines? WRONG !!! I had been debating Botox for a year now because I had some serious lines going across my forehead I couldn't stand looking at my pictures, so I decided it was time for a fix.

I had 20 units put into my forehead and the results are amazing. When I use to raise my eyebrows, my forehead had bad lines, now when I raise my eye brows, its absolutely smooth, not a single line =) I am very satisfied with the results and I reccommend Botox to anyone who has the some problems with lines/ wrinkles.

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Very educated and he knows what he is doing

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why wont you give your dr. name? isn't this what this community is about?
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I'd rather not
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would you please give your provider's name? thanks!
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