Had 3 Treatments, on Way to Couple More

Have tried so many different lasers. Been trying...

have tried so many different lasers. Been trying to get rid of acne, ance scars, melasma, and just over all skin improvement. Have had 3 treatments and even after first saw some change, altgh took 3 to really notice. Even hard to get rid of melasma is fading. I do look younger, even though only 28. The red goes mostly down on me couple hrs and only m/b a few unnoticable circles from laser remain red for day after. Simple, altgh I recommend numbing.


No stopped at 2 and I think it made my melasma worse
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What was the end result with the Affirm laser? Are you still showing good results?
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was it $900 for the three treatments for whole face?
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Dr. Moy

experiance and highly rated

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