Active FX After Acne Treatment for Acne Scars and Uneven Texture

I receieved Active Fx treatment 2 days ago. This...

I receieved Active Fx treatment 2 days ago. This was the final procudure after getting 3 treatments of Photodynamic Therapy and Blu-U light.

I wanted to do it because after failed attempts of accutane, tetracycline, peels, gels, slush treatments, facials, extractions, I wanted my acne to be gone.

After the PDT, I noticed my face improving. I received the Active FX to get rid of uneven skin tone and acne scars.

Is it okay for my to sit outside in the complete shade after getting Active FX 2 days ago?

In pictures, I find eyrevone's skin looks pretty bad it's the lighting from the camera, the angles etc. Your skin probably doesn't appear like that to people who see you face-to-face. However, for wrinkles; I would suggest a lotion from Olay- they seem to work quite well ( I have never tried them, but they have excellant reviews.) Be sure to always wash your face after wearing makeup, sweating heavily aswell as ALWAYS morning and night (when you wake up before you go to sleep) Use a good facial cleanser that will help get rid of blemishes (one containing salicylic acid is best)Be sure to moisturize everyday, twice a day too. Wear sunscreen to prevent future wrinkles, as well as get lots of sleep and exercise and drink lots of water.Try to exfoliate at least once a week.xoxoemail me for anything else you might need

Dr. Ataii

Dr. Ataii is very knowledgeable about the use of lasers for my skin. He is very kind and I feel completely comfortable in his care. He took the time to tell me what I would expect and I have received benefits beyond what I thought. I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a experienced, thoughtful doctor.

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