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Active/Deep FX Not Worth It

I had 2 Total FX treatments for acne scars. First...

I had 2 Total FX treatments for acne scars. First time, even though the setting was lower, the swelling and woozing lasted a few days, but healed within 1 week or so. I could cover up redness with foundation. Didn't see any improvement in scars.

The Dr said to perform the second FX with higher setting. This was a big mistake. My face was swallen, woozing, and even formed blisters which did not heal for a few weeks. Obviously, the setting was too high for my skin.

Recovery is very slow and frustrating after several weeks, and now with the new scars. I am very dissapointed and regret that I did this treatment. I am now searching for, though not so hopeful, other treatment options to undo or at least improve these new and old scars.

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Dr. did not select the right setting and caused pigmentation and scarring.

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Are you pursuing legal action against the doctor who did this to you? I had total fx done 5 weeks ago and it has been a terrible experience. I am still very red and have new scars on the side of my face and chin. I am very upset that I ever did this procedure. The literature out there is so completely misleading.
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Hi – I seriously thought about legal actions, but gave up for various reasons (too complicated to explain here). The dr. offered some mitigation. I am still very upset though, and am seeing other drs. Redness (not as intense as before) and new scars are still there even after 6+ months. This has been indeed a terrible experience.
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