Ala-pdt Adverse Reactions

Worst thing i have been through, healing is taking...

worst thing i have been through, healing is taking so long, make sure you are safe when using this treatment iwth right incubation time and exposure times.

had an ala-pdt treatemnt doen and got a sever reaction with scabs and blisters. soem of the scabs and blisters came off early. i am left with these red areas on my cheeks for 5 montyhs now. they were always red but level. is this scar tissue or just redness.? is there a way i can tell?

i had 3 vbeams but is is pink now so i assume i need more treatments, when i put pressure onthe areas and the blood goeas away for that split second i see my normal skin color.

I had levulan and smooth beam procedure twice. My acne was of a moderate state prior to the procedures. Now cystic acne everywhere! I did this procedure because I did not want to go on accutane because of the side effects. Now the doctors say there is no choice. I followed the instructions and stayed out of light for 48 hrs but this has procedure has made things 100% worst I am not exaggerating! Help me! I am a 14 yearold girl just about to go to high school..What do I do now?...
Hope you are better ... I am not a professional but considering the treatment for actinic keratoses. Perhaps you should get a 2nd opinion. Keep up your spirits.
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