Fraxel for Acne Scars Caused Redness

I had fraxel laser for my acne scarring 6 weeks...

I had fraxel laser for my acne scarring 6 weeks ago on both my cheeks. It was very painful and the redness is still really bad.

The doctor had somehow worked on 'a line' on the left side of my face. So now my left side looks like I had on a goggle while swimming- you sort of see the left cheek with clear demarkation of where the redness start. While on my right - the redness was more 'evenly spread'. I am so depressed.

I have been told the redness will go away, but right now I have both cheeks very red with one side redness starts with a very clear line. What can I do?


Hey Juliet2009. Your post was very interesting. I am about to have a consultation with a doctor in sydney for acne scarring on my cheeks. Would it be possible for you to email me the doctors name and clinic please? Im quite concerned about the whole thing now as my scarring isnt really that bad and wondering if its really worth putting myself through the risks. My email is I would really appreciate your advice Thanks
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Hi Juliet 2009 Can you please contact me privately on the Dr who treated you in australia also treated me with devastating consequences.

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my redness has gone down, more of a bright pink. It will certainly take time. I started seeing the reduction in redness in about week 5-6 but i had the ablative Co2 laser. I became aggressive in the hyperpigment treatment but now i have a new problem... periorbital dermatitis.
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Doctor Ting

I went back to see the doctor about the uneven redness and he prescribed a cream and then brushed the issue off as it is something that can't be helped.

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