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Accutane Worked for Severe Acne but Worried About Sun Exposure - Norway

I've been on Accutane for ten months, and now...

I've been on Accutane for ten months, and now that summer is here, I've considered stopping due to the amounts of sun I am being exposed to.

I started with Accutane because I had quite severe acne and have had a very positive experience with it. The only downside is that I often go very red in the face.

I'm planning on ending Accutane, but am worried that I have become too dependent on it, and am worried that my acne will return.

i also stoped it before summer and I immediatelly see the difference. But it wasn't like the first time (when I started the treatment). After 4 months I continue the treatment and the clear face returned very quickly, in 15 days.
i share the same feelings with you that is why i use 50 spf cream on my face and on my body (arms and legs) and i avoid sun as much as i can
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