5 Treatments of Accent Laser for Cellulite - Aventura, FL

I had 5 treatments of Accent laser for my...

I had 5 treatments of Accent laser for my cellulite. No improvement at all. The treatment was uncomfortable but tolerable.

Worst part about the whole thing was the terrible service I rec'd. Save your money and skip the Accent. Save the hassles and skip Med Spa.

To all of you who have been ripped off trying to rid yourselves of cellulite:
I finally found a place in Scottsdale that uses a technique called injection lipolysis. They inject each mound of cellulite and WOW... it works. I was bruised about 6 weeks in a few areas on the front of my thighs but after 3 months and only 1 treatment i can really see a difference. The needles are tiny and i didn't even feel most of them. The lady who started this company's name is Carol. She said it takes an average of three treatments over a year to complete the treatments and the success rate is very high. Also it is a permanent thing. Not like somewhere it comes back after a few weeks. I'm in the middle of my second treatment and am noticing it getting even better :) Well worth the money and time. Oh yeah, the place is called Lipo Now. kb
Sleek Med Spa

very poor customer service, horrible horrible horrible

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