Treated by Ortho for Crowding of Lower Teeth, and Spacing on Top.

1st week uncomfortable, speech problems....

1st week uncomfortable, speech problems. Tenderness of lips and gums. Hoping it will all be worth the pain in the end. Treatment by ortho for crowding of lower teeth, and spacing on top.

I have 2 exposed wisdom teeth, the lower one is impacted. I have already started my invisalign treatment, and my ortho now recommends that the 2 wisdom teeths be removed b/c the trays are not covering them and therefore they might effect the treatment. Is this true? Will there be any other adverse effect by removing my wisdom teeth mid treatment? I am also curious b/c all the trays have already been made with the ends of them stopping suddenly at the wisdom teeth, once these are removed, wouldn't that require refinements, and new trays?


Hi before I got my impressions done for invisalign the Ortho told me that as long as all my fillings and dental work was completed I was good. Because I need to have all my wisdom teeth pulled out, he said out would not mess my treatment up. But I'm just going to wait untill I finish my treatment with invisalign.
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