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Botox Allowed Me to Look As Care Free As I Felt

When I hit my 30s I started looking really pissed...

When I hit my 30s I started looking really pissed off when I was completely happy and content. I was often asked "whats wrong" you look mad and I wasnt. It made me very self concious about myself when I was attending my childrens sporting events. I wondered to myself, "Do I look completely pissed off to other people"? After five years of hearing this and worrying about it I decided to take action.

After doing some research I decided to give botox a try. I got five injections above my upper lip (please, if you do this go to someone who is very qualified, only a minimal amount should be used in the upper lip area) and what was left went in between my eyebrows. I am only on day four and notice a difference. I just love that I have found a solution for myself and botox is not that expensive these days.

The injections felt like a pinch for a second only. The botox itself does not burn or anything like other shots can.

I would recommend this to anyone thinking about botox. You will not look like a different person but will look more youthful and happier.

Botox or Dysport are GREAT ! I'm glad you had such a good response to botox. So many people love the results and it makes such a difference in their lives when they look better and feel better about themselves. Whether it is botox or dysport, both are good. Dysport is reported to last a little longer and take effect sooner but only time will tell. They both run about the same cost in most places but don't bargain shop too much since many places dilute the stuff so much or put in tiny amounts to keep the cost low. Consequentially it doesn't work or last as long then. Sincerely, David Hansen,MD
Dr. Charles Virden

Very professional and know what they are doing. I feel others with bad experiences probably didnt see a qualified Dr.

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