Abdominal Wall Defect After Tummy Tuck

Right after my tummy tuck i developed a lump at...

Right after my tummy tuck i developed a lump at the right supra paraumbilical region that it was paintful to touch. the doctor told me that it was nothing that it was going to go away.

its being 2 years and it still there. Is it possible to developed a abdominal wall defect after a tummy tuck?


It is very unlikely to develop an umbilical hernia following a tummy tuck, unless you had the hernia before. Most likely this is an area of fat necrosis or perhaps a stitch abscess that remains. An abdominal wall ultrasound could delineate it;a CT scan would be better.
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A hernia versus fat necrosis. A clinical exam can determine the difference. If difficult to detect, a CT scan could be done. Best of luck!
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