21 Year Old Marine with Bad Gap - Falls Church, VA

I have had a horrible opinion of myself since I...

I have had a horrible opinion of myself since I had a gap since I was younger. It took around 8 monthes and I also noticed that it is easier to take care of my teeth i.e. less cavities, easier brushing, easier flossing. I know alot of people say my gap didn't matter but i always felt it looked goofy and made people not take me seriously, now I love smiling though (I DO HAVE TO WEAR A RETAINER SOME NIGHTS!)
Thanks for leaving a review! :)  Did you actually go through the Invisalign process while you were on active duty?!  Cause…yeah, that seems inconvenient.  Though I did find that wearing the aligners helped protect my teeth when I got hit in the face.

How many aligners did you have to do total?  And do you feel comfortable posting which doctor you went to?  Also, was it a military doctor?  Thanks again!
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