7 Pixel Treatments So Far...

Over the past year I have had a total of 7 pixels...

Over the past year I have had a total of 7 pixels done. My main concern was acne pitting on my cheeks. The scars are much shallower, possibly 50-70% improved. The overall texture is also much finer, with my pores less noticeable.

This is not an overnight treatment, one time thing. Filling in of scars occurs over months, and with repeated treatments. Everyone heals at a different rate. Therefore, this should not be done by those that expect instant results for scarring. Although texture improvement was seen immediately.

Initial healing takes about 3-5 days for me depending on the level of treatment (they started low). You will look like you walked in to a dirty screen door. That is just the pattern of the pixel laser. While the process is long, I would never go back to the skin I used to have. BTW, you can have treatments more often than I did, I just had to squeeze it in to my very full schedule.

its been several months since i completed a series of 6 pixels,and texture is better but ice pick scars are unchanged.might do more,overall,its not as effective as i thought
getting my fourth of six pixels this thursday. the last one was quite a bit more painful in that the intensity was increased. idid not have pain after but the redness and peeling lasted longer, i was still peeling at 5 days. like a sunburn.this time i might take a pain pill the heat on the face is uncomfortable to pretty painfull. still not seeing great results but my daughter says she does. the telling will be in several months, supposedly when dthe collagen fills in. the scars from acne above my top lips is where i hope to see improvement and this is where i feel i will be able to tell if this has been worth it.
i am 48 yrs old had 3 pixels for acne and althought skin texture is better,more DEWY looking i have yet to see scar reduction or large pores diminish.my doctor said results take at least 6 months for collagen to fill in scars,and recommends i have 3 more.he is a family member doing it at cost sl he has no reason to mislead me. no pain at all and 1 day down time for peeling.i am waiting to see if its worth it,but the ultraviolet pictures show tremendous reduction in sun damage so at least there is that.we will see.
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