6 Weeks Post Tummy Tuck/lipo - Help?!

I exercised and ate well all my life (I'm 50). ...

I exercised and ate well all my life (I'm 50). After I quit weight training, my abdomen got bigger and saggier than ever - even after two childbirths! I decided to get the tuck because I was really uncomfortable with my gut hanging down and sitting on my lap. I was embarrassed to go out in public and could never find pants to fit right. My surgery was almost 6 weeks ago. I had a full tummy tuck with liposuction and drains. I've been to see my PS twice since my surgery and he says everything seems to be healing fine. However, my pubic area really hurts, it's hard and stays swollen. It feels the best in the morning upon waking. I try to walk and get a little exercise in the garden but it makes me hurt more 'down there.' I've been wearing my binder since my surgery.

1. What can I do to ease the pain (without meds)? 2. What kind of exercise is best after a TT? 3. When is it safe to get into my whirlpool bath? 4. Should I continue to wear my binder? Thanks.

mmc...Wow! What an accomplishment on your weight loss. You're going to love your new body. I know you're excited!! EsterC (hi potency vitamin C) and multi-vitamins -- load up and take after surgery for your immune system. Look forward to being put to sleep. Wake up all beautiful. :) Bless you.
Hi everyone only 1 week before my TT with lipo,also breast uplift.I've previously lost 140 pounds with diet and excercise,and although i cant wait for thre final section of mmy weight loss journey.I'm terrified at he prospect of post op .pain. IM tavelling to leeds in england from ireland for my op. surgeon came highly reccommended. I'm also amazed at cost differences i see here on line. My total in pounds is £10,000 ,WOULD APPRECIATE ANY PRE OP ADVICE. THIS SITE HAS BEEN A GOD SEND. THANKS TO ALL WHO'LL GIVE ME MUCH NEEDED ADVICE.

I hope everything goes well for you and please keep us posted on your progress. Ádh mór ort!

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