6 Months of Pain

On a routine dental exam, a hygienist (aka a...

On a routine dental exam, a hygienist (aka a "salesgirl") suggested I get my already white teeth, 3 shades lighter...who wouldn't want whiter teeth? the day of the procedure, I sat in the chair and was given some pain killers, which surprised me, as no sort of pain was ever discussed. They put a pair of glasses on me and an apparatus to keep my mouth open, and a covering for my gums. When the treatment began, so did the pain....it is the mot painful toothache, that shoots throughout the mouth manifesting in different teeth constantly. I was literally crying and by 1/2 way through they asked if I wanted to stop, I foolishly continued figuring if I stopped now, I would have endured that much for nothing ( and lost $$$ not pocket change)....However after the procedure the pain continued...and continued and continued for 6 months!!! The only thing that helped was when I used the sensadyne tooth paste applied in a tray (which was actually supplied to ad yet more pain inducing whitener to) for my teeth and actually having my teeth soak in it. This is a pain worth of the extraordinary rendition torture techniques.

Oh and by the way....if really didn't do all that much to whiten my teeth...

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