6 Areas Smart Lipo and Breast Augmentation Bellini Lift

Well i had surgery yesterday so far thhe smart...

Well i had surgery yesterday so far thhe smart lipo pain is not as bad as i thought it would be. 2 years ago i had traditional lipo and i have to say the pain for smart lipo is not bad at all its actually tolerable.

I also had a bellini lift and breast augmentaion i that is a strongeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer pain than the smaart lipo.

Weell i am going in today for a 1 day post op check. i will take pictures.

so it has been 2 years since the first posting-- how are you doing now? How are your breast doing? I am going to have Smartlipo on my love handles and might want to have the natural breast augmentation too
yes, please post pictures. that would be wonderful.
Timothy Alexande Florida Center

he has done other member of my family he is great

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