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Hi everyone, I am a African American male in my...

Hi everyone, I am a African American male in my 30s, and decided to get a tummy tuck. I weighed round 300lbs and lost weight through diet changes. After keeping it off for around 2 years i began to add exercise to "shape" my body. I became very lean with the exception of my stomach. No matter the amount or type of exercise that i did, i had hanging skin.
So i day i googled lipo and found RealSelf and started to read reviews. I then came to realize that i probably needed a tummytuck, rather than lipo. After researching both the procedure and doctors on site(realself,youtube ect), i scheduled two appointments. The first appointment was standard affair and then a week later i went to Dr. Scott. After meeting with Dr.Scott, i decided that i would go with him.
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Dr.Scott and his staff were all friendly, knowledgeable and caring with me. The office is in a clean, quiet, and discreet area. From the time i entered his office( until the time i left), his ALL of his staff were so helpful, caring and eased my mind about my decision to have the surgery. Dr Scott answered all my questions without losing patience and answered some that i didnt even have. He NEVER pushed any surgical ideas on me and when asked gave me very straight forward answers. I had the surgery at the end of November and have no regrets. I also would recommend Dr.Scott 100%.

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Welcome and thank you for sharing your journey with us.  Congratulations on your new body.  How much weight did you lose and how long did it take?

The tummy skin will definitely not go away on its own.  Glad you were able to do this for yourself.
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Hi, Thank you for the response. At my heaviest i weight around 300lbs , a 44-46" waist(men sizes). I stopped looking at the scale at that point. At the time of surgery i weighed around 195lbs. I am 6'4" 192-195lbs and a 34" waist now.
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You have done an amazing job!!!
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Wow that is an amazing amount of weight loss. Can you share how you did it. I am working on losing weight now so I can get a BBL and probably tummy tuck.
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Hi SNP- I lost weight by changing my diet. I only eat meat and green vegetables. So basically and any non processed meat (fish,seafood, chicken, bacon ect) for protein and any Non -starchy veggie(lettuce,broccoli,green beans, collard green, spinach ect). At first I ate nuts but found out the last amount of weight stayed on while i was eating them. So once i gave them up the last 10-15lbs came off. I didnt exercise at that time because i wanted to see if my "diet" produce the result. I also wanted to test the amount of exercise that i would feel comfortable doing to get the results, so i added it back slowly and observed the changes and results for it. So in short, changing my diet got the weight off, then exercising change the shape of my body(leaner, toned).
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