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I Am 48yrs Old and Wanted to Do a Tummy Tuck for over 10yrs Now ..

I have been looking for a Dr in the US but the...

I have been looking for a Dr in the US but the prices are rediculous and had some friends and family that did their tummy tuck in NY and there scars are ugly to wide ,or to long and not neat or straight. I am also afraid of the pain some tell me is painful and some tell me is uncomfortable .I am a mother of 4 adults 30,twins 24 and 22. never had major surgery before so i guess that why i feel do confused I want to have a tummy tuck,all over liposuction and breat lift and BBL. But i know i cant do all at the same time ..i dont know which procedures i should do first or can do together.I been given info to go to DR but not sure if thats a good idea as i will be traveling alone if i decide to do it in DR. I want to do this so bad but my fears and anxiety are getting the best of me..

Lorenzo Ortiz

i was given the name of Dr Lorenzo Guillermo Ortiz in DR ..is he a good Dr

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Hello I wanted to know if anyone has had several procedures done at one time like TT,BL,BBL and lipo all at once under spinal block anesthesia and how does it feel to have BBL done when you cant lay on ur stomach or side and had this procedure been done on heavy people cause i am 5'2 adn weight 195lbs now but still losing thinking of getting it all done with Dr Yily De los santos due to never heard back from Dr Lorenzo guillermo diaz
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Hi hope all is well. Did you get to proceed with your surgeries. When I first emailed Dr. Ortiz I thought he didn't respond I checked my email spam and it was in there.
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Hi! Your fears are valid. The pricing does vary from region to region. I had a TT with lipo for just over $7100. I want a breast lift w/ new implants also, but did not do simultaneously because I only had saved enough money for one procedure. MY plan is to have my breast lift and implants done next year. Instead of cheating myself, I plan to TREAT myself to each procedure. Separately. In addition to the cost, I want to ensure that my healing from the TT is practically done. I have a high tolerance to pain but do not want to over stress my body at one time. However, the decision is yours alone to make. I am sure you will make the best decision for yourself... :)
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Hi, you have the same fares as me. Yes in DR. They do it all at the same time but then how hard will recovery be? I was going to go to DR. And have Dra Robles fix me up. She has good reviews and her work is nice. But the whole thought of being away for 7 days all in pain just don't suit me well. I did lots of results for a NY dr and yes their prices can be out rages but this is NY. I came across some really good PS, I just can't afford to pay them this year and I want my surgery this year. Then I found Dr. Kaufman and he made me feel really comfortable. He won't do TT and BBL at the same time (most NY docs won't either) I'm ok with that. His TT price is 7,000. I feel like that's reasonable compare to what I had been quoted for by others. So I say keep researching you will find the right Affordable PS for you. Good luck!
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It's a hard decision. I've wavered back and forth and finally committed to it and to a dr here in the US. I've been reading up about surgery in DR and it seems that they can do several procedures at once. BBL, lipo, TT, etc. and I've heard a lot about drs Yily and Duran. And many of their patients meet on this site and become friends and meet up over there for support.
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