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Me and my best friend Catherine had booked a week...

Me and my best friend Catherine had booked a week in Miami to shop for my wedding dress for my up coming wedding later this year.
I first heard about Doctor Rian Maercks when my fiancé give me a magazine called Miami (the beauty issue) to check out the restaurants, shops etc while we were there.
I was very impressed with Dr Maercks interview, I did some research on his work and I was hooked, his cosmetic work looked so natural and beautiful.
I had previously messed around with Botox and fillers in England and hated the look, it didn't look at all natural and I became very self-conscious I didn't look like me a little fake looking, thankfully nearly a year later most of it wore off but still not quite all the filler….
I booked an appointment with the stunning! Nicole who was and is extremely helpful, warm, friendly and professional..
Doctor Maercks immediately picked up that I had previously had filler and knew exactly what was wrong with my look, I wasn't balanced, my cheeks dominated the rest of my face..
MEET the modern day Michelangelo Buonarroti, Doctor Maercks an artist before becoming in my honest opinion the best cosmetic surgeon there is on this planet and I have seen a fair few to know, no contest at all, he totally transformed my face to complete near perfection, I was blown away, overwhelmed and cried with joy when he gave me a mirror to see my face, I looked like a much younger me, symmetrical, well balanced with amazing cheekbones and my face is now so natural looking you would never know that I have had work done, I am so very happy I could burst! Thank you Doctor Rian Marecks for giving me back my confidence you are a genius and I am a patient for life…..
I will highly recommend Doctor Maercks to all my friends and anyone interested in having any kind of work done.

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Hello Megan, So sorry for the delay, I have just seen your response. I am not use to writing reviews. This is the first time I have been very happy with the results hence I am here. I did my research on Doctor Maercks first, every review, interview, all fields of his work and the facial balancing he did on himself, you can watch on YouTube, I couldn't help but be impressed and curious. He stood out from the rest. I went to see him for a consultation, he didn't try and over sell himself, he told me what he would do to balance out my face, he showed me some other work he had done with facial balancing on women with before and after pictures, that alone had won me over, these women looked natural and years younger. I had 24cc injections to balance my face, Its not a cheap option but for me it was worth every dollar, you definitely do get what you pay in this case. I was numb at the time so no discomfort, I made a mistake of taking Ibuprofen two days before so I bruised big time, my mistake I was warned of dos and don'ts. When finished I was slightly swollen and a little shaky from the numbing injection, but it soon wore off. I was warned I would swell hugely 24 hours later which I did....and my forehead ached, (felt like brain freeze) so I took painkillers without the above ingredient! It took about a week to look less swollen but I would say for me personally it took a couple of weeks to settle completely. My advice to anyone who has this treatment, If possible keep a week free after treatment to have checkups with Doctor Maercks he will see you anytime. I had a few massages to smooth out areas of filler, everyone is different but it was a must for me around my eyes. I would do it all again in a heartbeat without the Ibuprofen naturally! I feel very confident again, I look younger, fresher, more symmetrical and the best part of all I look natural, not done at all! My best friend said wow you look amazing, glowing she put it down to my up coming wedding she didn't have a clue until I told her, she knew something was different but couldn't work it out.. PROS: Doctor Maercks really does care, anytime day or night he is available if you have any concerns. Amazing results... Look younger, fresh faced. Amazing cheekbones Natural! Confident CONS: Recovery, I hate waiting to heal. Swelling for a couple of weeks, First week I looked like a chipmunk. I couldn't exercise for a week, that was torture. Slightly lumpy underneath my eyes, especially my right eye but after a few massages and something to dissolve it slightly in that area from Doctor Maercks that disappeared instantly. I won't put any pictures of me up on here Megan, I am very private, I don't want everyone seeing me on here to be honest someone may know me, you never know... If anyone decides to have a consultation with Doctor Maercks for this treatment I have no problem in him showing before and after pictures of me Hope this helps, any questions please feel free to ask. Thank you!

Thank you so much for coming back and adding all of this great info!! This is really helpful!!

Not being able to workout for a week would be tough...but kinda nice in a way. ;)

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