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25% TCA Home Peel but my Skin Didnt Peel

I purchased a home 25% TCA peel. A friend and I...

I purchased a home 25% TCA peel. A friend and I did it at the same time. 2 days later her skin started peeling the it was supposed to but mine already 4 days later has no signs of such peeling.

I definitely got extremely dry and wrinkled but it did not really peel, just some very small particles looking like i am peeling off from a day at the beach. My skin got crusty but not as much as my friend's. I have darker skin than hers and was wondering if this was a factor in it. But i dont really believe so. So, my skin didnt really want to peel, it was just looking old.

I decided and took microdermabrasion crystals and washed my face with them to help the dead skin to fall off. It definately helped but i dont know if i should get a real microdermabrasion few days from now to get me completely rid of that dead layer of skin or i should repeat the tca peel. I dont know how safe it is to repeat it a week after i did it once.

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It was a home kit

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Don't get microdermabrasion please! you need to let your skin peel naturally. exfoliating your skin so soon after your peel may damage your beautiful new skin underneath. Waiting pays off in the end, and its not worth having to repeat a peel to get rid of scars or marks from the last peel!
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My TCA peel didn`t make me peel either.I`m going back and they will put the stuff that makes you peel on my skin again, but it`s annoying because I want to get it over with.I might try a micro dermabrasion at my other dr.
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