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20% TCA Peel--Always Have GREAT Results

Just had a 20% TCA peel done on Friday afternoon...

Just had a 20% TCA peel done on Friday afternoon in a PS office by a licensed RN. I am 4 days post and my chin has already peeled off and so has my nose. My cheeks and forehead still remain. This is the SECOND peel I've had in two years, with the previous one costing me $125.

PROS--skin is brighter, smoother and clearer after all skin has peeled off. Some of the pigmentation caused by my taking birth control is lessened. You can no longer see any blackheads/whiteheads or blemishes on my face.

CONS--cost is somewhat expensive compared to doing it myself at home. Takes about a week to peel and I'm not able to wear makeup or get out in the sun (meaning I'm coming to work with NO makeup at all). The actual application burns and causes eyes to water. It is unpleasant but not "painful".

Lynn Day, PS Skin Care & Laser Center

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Could you tell me where in Memphis did you have a TCA peel? I am from Memphis too and looking for someone I can trust to do TCA peel on me. Thanks,
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PS Skin Care & Laser Center
80 Humphreys Center # 106
Memphis, TN 38120

They may be more expensive than others, but they give you items for at home care. I have since began using the PCA Skin line that they recommended.
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The brown splotches on my face are caused by my 20+ years on birth control. The peel helped lighten them, but it will not cause them to completely go away. I have been told that there are other treatments I can have them administer which might get rid of these, but they are far more expensive than the TCA peel. I can't imagine a TCA peel given by a licensed RN in an aesthetician's office ever "damaging" your face. It always helps brighten my complexion and reduce the appearance of lines.
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i have brown spots on my face and being mexican am scared that tca peel will damage my face... Did you brown spot go away?
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