2 Weeks Post Op, Worth It

I had smart lipo done on my upper and lower abs. ...

I had smart lipo done on my upper and lower abs. Still being swollen (moving down to my lowe stomach area) I can see a big difference. I know I have a long way to go to see the final results, but so far it's worth it.

The procedure itself was uncomfortable at times. The first numbing injections stung a little bit but went away. I they took a velum and another pain medication. The second part of the numbing process wasn't too bad although they made it sound like it would be. The left side pinched more and so did around the belly button. That is true for the actual procedure itself.

I went home and slept for about an hour or so and then was back up. That night and the next day it felt like I did an intense ab workout, sore. The compression garment was fine, it was the padding I couldn't wait to take off. That would stick to you so you would have to pull it way from your body here and there. I would still be wearing the garment they gave me but it would buldge out when I sat so I got one from the department store. They said just wear anything that is tight.

Now with the swelling moving down I can see that my skin is lose, but am waiting for the full recovery time for that to tighten.

I never took the perk. medicine they gave me. Just the extra strength tylenol.

I have seen photos on Dr. Victoria Falcone's site for smart lipo that are excellent. I recently went to her for a consultation and am mulling this procedure over. It will cost around $7,000 for the following: stomach, hips, flanks, bra fat, thighs, hips, and she said she would also a do around my inner knee. I thought that was a very good price for all that. I am mulling it over though. She said it would take 2 days. Some one day and some the next because it was too much to do all in one day. That was the problem for me. So I might ask her what exactly she can do in one day and just forget the rest. What i REALLY want done is my belly, hips, & thighs. the bra fat is minimal--barely noticeable unless my bra and shirt are too tight and I could give a hoot about a little fat on my inner knee, lol. It's the basketball belly I want gone, lol. So i'm still mulling. I'll repost if I wind up going through with it. All comments are welcome! :)
How are you doing now? 4 months later. would you still reccomend smart lipo? I live in northern NJ too, who sas your doctor? Thanks
Could you please send me the name of your doctor? I too, live in the area and would like to have a recomendation. Thanks
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