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Muscle Repair Looseness 1.5 Years Post Op

I had a full tummy tuck because of lax muscles and...

I had a full tummy tuck because of lax muscles and some seperation, alot of extra skin and stretch marks following two pregnancies. It helped alot with my back pain and made exercise easier. I looked a lot better and had a lot more confidence. I did not look pregnant!

Now a year and a half post op, i had sudden burning and numbness where the muscle sutures were (I think it came unstitched) and now have a loose feeling and back pain. When I sleep, I feel I need to support my stomach. This was sudden and not at all how I felt for almost two years. It is how I felt before the surgery.


Your muscles are stitched together and then eventually heal themselves the stitches are not permanently holding your stomach muscles together.
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I dont feel he is taking this new problem seriously...Maybe he should have reinforced the stitch instead of using only one.

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