I Need Help Finding an Electrolysis Who Knows What He'she is Doing! - Harrison, NJ

I'll start off by saying that I detest shaving my...

I'll start off by saying that I detest shaving my underarms. For this reason I've sought to permanently remove my under arm hair through electrolysis. I found a deal on Groupon and went today to New Image Electrolysis in Harrison for a free consultation and the electrologist, Maria Rodrigues, gave a short preview of what it would be like and she used the needle and heat method and the tweezer to pull the hair. She did not go over any methods or barely any information with me so I went off of what I've read off the internet. I asked her how long she's done electrology and she said since 2008. Is that a long enough time to be experienced? Anyway I went in with my hair grown out from about 3-4 days from shaving. My big concern is that at some point I felt the tweazer pulling my hair out and not "sliding" out like I've read it is supposed to online. She said I had several hairs in one hair follicle. I'm unsure she knows what she's doing because I felt the hair being tweazed and not sliding out like it's supposed to. Should I find another electrologist? Does anyone know of any good electrologists near Hillside, NJ? Answers to any of these questions would be MUCH appreciated!


Hi, you are not suppose to feel that your hair is pulled out, did she num the area before? Did u feel pain from electrolysis? Because needle with electric current inserted in every follicle hair u will feel pain, even if u put numming cream before, ( u will feel a little less pain however) I did on pubic area( see my profile) u can have few hairs in on follicle ( happen because of wax usually) You must find very good electrolysis!!!!!! U need to feel comfortable with her, because it's usually very long process u need professional one , otherwise you can have scars or worse, it took me 7 months to find the right one, I asked many people but most even didn't knew what I am talking about, till I find one lady that did this 3 years ago and was very happy, I live in Brooklyn so if u want I can give u info, also best if u will know personally someone who did and see results, people who are not professional can make damage, Good luck!
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Who did you see in NYC??
Very nice woman, if u are interested I can give u her phone number, u did electrolysis before?
Maria Gloria Rodrigues

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