10 Days- I Look Like a Duck

Unless you live in Vegas and are over 50 years...

Unless you live in Vegas and are over 50 years old-I DO NOT recommend restylane in your lips. I wanted shapelier lips, but I did not count on the protusion of my lips when looking at my profile. The results are tacky. If you have even the slightest overbite, don't do it. If you don't mind looking like a senior citizen who's had work done, a cadaver,or a stripper-do it. I wasn't born with ultra thin lips, I totally didn't need it, so the only exception in my opinion, would be for someone who has really, really thin lips. Chances are you don't have ultra thin lips. It will only make your nose look big. It is VERY ovbious. Not classy. Very 1990.
I wish I had read this before I got mine done 5 days ago, I look like a duck! It seems to be all on the outside rather than the inside of the lips & pulls the mouth right out. It definately doesnt look natural. Front on it looks odd but not too bad -but as for my profile ...its really awful. I definately agree with all your comments.
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